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NP_pretest_practice - Chapter 1 The Nursing Process Pretest...

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1. A client comes to the walk-in clinic with complaints of abdominal pain and diarrhea. The nurse takes the client's vital signs. The nurse is implementing which phase of the nursing process? Assessment Diagnosis Planning Implementation 2. The nurse is measuring the client's urine output and straining the urine to assess for stones. Which of the following should the nurse record as objective data? The client is complaining of abdominal pain. The client's urine output was 450 mL. The client stated: "I didn't see any stones in my urine." The client stated: "I feel like I have passed a stone." 3. When evaluating an adult client's blood pressure reading, the nurse considers the client's age. This is an example of which of the following? Comparing data against standards Clustering data Determining gaps in the data Differentiating cues and inferences 4. Which of the following demonstrates that the nurse is participating in critical thinking? The nurse admits he/she does not know how to do a procedure and requests help. Chapter 1: The Nursing Process Pretest
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The nurse makes his/her point with clever and persuasive remarks to win an argument. The nurse accepts without question the values acquired in nursing school. The nurse finds a quick and logical answer, even to complex questions. 5. What is missing from the following outcome goal written in a care plan by the nurse? "The client will transfer from bed to chair with two assists." Client behavior Conditions or modifiers Performance criteria Target time 6.
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NP_pretest_practice - Chapter 1 The Nursing Process Pretest...

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