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NURSING CARE PLAN Problem: Altered family process Nursing Diagnosis: altered family process related to situational crises secondary to DM Taxonomy: role relationship pattern Cause analysis: Person’s with DM as well as their families are discouraged the affections are long term. This is especially true when symptoms can no longer be controlled with drug therapy. (Medical surgical nursing by Schever and Timby pp 539) Cues Objectives Nursing Intervention Rationale Evaluation Subjective: Objective: -Doesn’t communicate openly and effectively -Does not meet emotional needs of all it’s family members -Does not seek or accept help appropriately STO: . After 8 hrs of giving effective nursing interventions the patient/SO will be able to adapt to change as evidenced by normal living despite the illness. LTO: Within 3 days of giving effective nursing interventions, the patient/SO will be able to express feelings appropriately and accept extended help as evidenced by tolerance to therapy given.
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