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NURSING CARE PLAN Problem: Anxiety Nursing Diagnosis: Anxiety related to stress of living with chronic disease and breathing difficulties. Taxonomy: Self-Perception – Self-concept Pattern Cause analysis: Any factor that interferes with normal breathing quite naturally induces anxiety, depression, and changes in behavior. Many patients find the slightest exertion exhausting and constant shortness of breath make the patient apprehensive to the point of panic. (Med-Surg Nursing 10 th Ed. By Smeltzer and Bare p.577) Cues Objectives Nursing Intervention Rationale Evaluation Subjective: “Gusto na niyang umuwi” as verbalized by the S.O Objective: - tachypneic - restlessness - progressive deterioration - changes in health status with physical manifestation - barrel chest STO: After 2 hrs. of giving health teaching and nursing care, the patient will be able to enumerate different methods of relaxation techniques. LTO:
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