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NURSING CARE PLAN Problem: Back Pain Nursing Diagnosis: Chronic back pain related to poor physical condition secondary to aging Taxonomy: Cognitive-Perceptual Pattern Cause analysis: Elders constitute a major portion of individuals within the health care system. The prevalence of pain in the older population is generally higher due to both acute and chronic disease conditions (Fundamentals of Nursing p. 1128) Cues Objectives Nursing Intervention Rationale Evaluation Subjective: P- low back pain Q- aching R- whole abdomen S- 8/10 T- restless Objective: - Facial mask of pain - Reports of pain STO: . After 8 hrs of giving effective nursing interventions the patient will be able to verbalize the reduced of spread of disease LTO: Within 3 days of giving effective nursing interventions, the patient will demonstrate techniques and initiates lifestyle changes to promote relief of pain INDEPENDENT: 1. assessed reports of pain, noting intensity scale of 0-10, duration and location. 2. provided comfort measures
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