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Paul Shapiro October 29, 2007 Expository Writing, Final Draft Assignment 4: Are We Doomed? We Need To Create Balance, and There Are Ways Western society acts to solely benefit itself and tends to be blind to anything that exists outside of its own realm . Technology that may benefit the lives of human beings sometimes can be detrimental to the lives of other animals and the environment’s health . A scenario such as this, where nature is negatively affected by the actions of human obliviousness, can be explained by the selfish nature of modern people . The effects are easily overlooked due to its lack of an obvious, and direct correlation to the human world . David Abram wrote in “The Ecology of Magic: The Personal Introduction to the Inquiry” about his experiences with tribal cultures and the effects of of being removed from civilized society . These experiences helped him better understand the need for western society to have a better connection with the natural world . In his work, “The Ganges’ Next Life”, Alexander Stille discusses the existence of pollution in the Ganges River and the plans of how the holy body of water would be cleaned by means of contemporary science . In order to prevent western society from harming the environment with its inattentiveness to the natural world, effective actions should be taken to help ensure western civilization discovers a balance between itself and the natural worlds . Shapiro 1
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The use of a “mediator” is an effective means of creating balance between conflicting worlds such as western society and the natural world . This is represented in Stille’s writing in the form of Mishra , who is both the head of a Hindu Temple and a professor of hydraulic engineering . He was placed in charge of devising a plan for cleaning the heavy pollution from the holy Ganges River because of his aptitude for implementing “what is best from the West in order to preserve the Hindu traditions
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paper 4 final 2 - Shapiro 1 Paul Shapiro Expository Writing...

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