21119223-Fracture-Activity-Intolerance - assisted with...

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Patient: Pih Lay Problem: Activity Intolerance ASSESSMEN T NURSING DIAGNOSES SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION OBJECTIV ES NURSING INTERVENTION S RATIONALE EXPECTE D OUTCOM E >S: Ø >O: Patient may manifest: with an intact wound dressing can sit on bed but limited mobility pain when moving eagerness to walk and do ADL Patient may manifest irritability restlessne ss Activity Intolerance related to post operative condition Surgery that was done to the patient resulted in the immobility and inability of the patient to do simple ADLs due to the weakness and pain in her right leg. Short term: After 2 days of nursing interventio ns, the patient will be able to identify techniques that can enhance activity intolerance . Long term goal: After 2 weeks of Nursing Interventio ns, the patient will report measurable increase in activity > establish rapport > Check Vital signs > assess Pt's general condition > Note client reports of weakness, pain and difficulty accomplishing task/ADL > Provide position of comfort and
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Unformatted text preview: assisted with ADL > Assess emotional and psychological factors affecting the current situation. > gain Pt's trust > baseline data > to provide proper NI > to monitor the patient’s ability to do activity > to be able for the patient to be comfortable and gain confidence in doing ADL >To determine the emotional and psychological response of the patient regarding her disease condition > To enhance Short term: Patient shall have identified technique s that can enhance activity intoleranc e. Long term: Patient shall have reported measurab le increase in activity tolerance This nifty nursing care plan is made with a mixture of love and science at NursesLabs.blogspot.com tolerance. > Encourage to increase intake of CHON for tissue repair. > Encourage intake of vitamin supplements patients health condition. > For health maintenance This nifty nursing care plan is made with a mixture of love and science at NursesLabs.blogspot.com...
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21119223-Fracture-Activity-Intolerance - assisted with...

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