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Three Day Diet Analysis Checkpoint

Three Day Diet Analysis Checkpoint - moderating the way I...

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40/40 Three Day Diet Analysis Checkpoint My diet compare to the recommendations I received from the food guide pyramids was half and half (like in between). For example, the fruits that I intake is 2.00 cup, and the fruit recommendation a person should intake is 2.50 cup. Almost everything was half below or half above from what I should intake or consume from the food pyramid recommendation. I usually consume one through three servings from each food group I consume. The way I might modify my diet to get the recommended servings for each food group is by
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Unformatted text preview: moderating the way I eat. Not eating too much or too little for each food group. Eat with moderation, measuring each food group I consume. Some nutrient-rich foods that I could add to my daily diet are vegetables, beans, and grains. Total calories per serving Percentage of calories from fat Total amount of Carbohydrate (in grams) Total amount of protein (in grams) Total amount of fiber (in grams) Burrito w/ Chicken 477.14 39% 25.37g 35.52g 1.65g Egg roll w/ Chicken 233.60 2.20% 41.10g 9.0g 1.70g Popcor n 120 20% 25g 4g 4g...
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