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Lecture 4-Outline - A Fear Conditioning 1 Concepts 2...

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Experimental Psychology- Learning Lecture 4 Outline I. Lecture Introduction A. Announcements B. Lecture Overview II. Key Concepts A. Elicited Behaviors vs. Classical Conditioning B. Historical Context 1. Ivan Pavlov 2. Edwin Twitmyer 3. Vul’fson and Snarski C. Basic Paradigm 1. Unconditioned Stimulus 2. Unconditioned Response 3. Conditioned Stimulus 4. Conditioned Response III. Experimental Paradigms
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Unformatted text preview: A. Fear Conditioning 1. Concepts 2. Conditioned Suppression 3. Suppression Ratio B. Eyeblink Conditioning 1. Concepts 2. Experimental Evidence 3. Neurobiological Substrates C. Sign-Tracking-Autoshaping 1. Definition 2. Experimental Evidence D. Taste Aversion 1. Definition 2. Basic Paradigm 3. Experimental Evidence...
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