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Lecture 11-Outline - C Molar maximizing D Melioration 1...

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Experimental Psychology- Learning Lecture 11 Outline I. Introduction A. Announcements B. Overview II. Choice Behavior A. Matching Law 1. Sensitivity a. Undermatching b. Overmatching 2. Bias 3. Reinforcer Value B. Applications of Matching Law 1. Simple schedules 2. Real life- Sports III. Mechanisms of Choice A. Explanation B. Molecular maximizing
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Unformatted text preview: C. Molar maximizing D. Melioration 1. Local rate 2. Example IV. Choice Commitment and Self Control A. Concurrent Chain Schedule B. Self Control 1. Direct choice vs. Concurrent chain 2. Value Discounting Function a. Formula b. Consequences c. Application...
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