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Experimental Psychology- Learning Lecture 12 Outline I. Introduction A. Announcements B. Overview II. Associative Approaches to Instrumental Conditioning A. Stimulus-Response (S-R) B. Stimulus-Outcome (S-O) 1. Two-process theory 2. Transfer-of-control C. Response-Outcome (R-O) 1. Parsimony? 2. Devaluation experiments III. Behavioral Regulation and Instrumental Conditioning
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Unformatted text preview: A. Associative vs. Behavioral Regulation B. Shifting role of the reinforcer C. Premack Principle (Differential Probability Principle) 1. Role of probability 2. Tests of the Premack Principle a. Pinball vs. Candy b. Drinking vs. Running D. Response Deprivation Hypothesis...
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