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SPH 4U FINAL REVIEW Units and Significant Digits 1. Express each of the following measurements in terms of the basic S.I. units: ( kg, m, s) [1 m = 3.28 ft,1 kg = 2.2 lbs,1 mile = 5280 ft] a ) 122 miles/hr b) 23 lbs/minute 2. Express each of the following in scientific notation with the proper number of significant digits: a) 37800 b) 0.0000250 Using Graphs 3. Below each d v.s . t graph sketch the v v.s . t graph. 4. This graph describes the motion of an object moving in a straight line. At the beginning it is going east. From the graph determine the following. a) the object’s displacement in the first 20s. b) the object’s average velocity in the first 20s. c) the total displacement of the object in 60s. d) the instantaneous velocity at 50s. e) The object’s acceleration at 25 s. Motion Equations 5. A stone is dropped from the top of a cliff. It is seen to hit the ground below after 5.5 s. How high is the cliff?[150m] 6. A baseball is thrown vertically into the air with a speed of 24 m/s. (a) How high does it go? (b) How long does it take to return to the ground? [29m][4.9m] 7. (a) How long does it take a brick to reach the ground if dropped from a height of 80 m? (b) What will be its velocity just before it reaches the ground? [4s,39m/s] 8. A trout jumps a waterfall 2.5 m high. With what minimum speed did it leave the water below to reach the top?[7m/s] 9. A stone is dropped from the roof of a high building. A second stone is dropped 1.0 s later. How far apart are the stones when the second one has reached a speed of 23 m/s? [28m] 10. A helicopter is ascending vertically with a speed of 8.0 m/s; at a height of 120 m above the earth, a package is dropped from a window. How much time does it take for the package to reach the ground? [5.8m] 11. A falling stone takes 0.30 s to pass a window 2.1m high. From what height above the top of the window did the stone fall? [ ]
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12. A bus has stopped to pick up riders, as shown. A woman is running at a constant velocity of + 4.0 m/s in an attempt to catch the bus. When she is 11 m from the door of the bus the bus pulls away with a constant acceleration of + 0.75 m/s . From this point how much time does it take her to reach the door of 2 the bus if she keeps running at the same velocity? 13. A motorcycle travelling 90.0 km/h approaches a car travelling in the same direction at 80.0 km/h. When the motorcycle is 50 m behind the car, the rider pushes down on the accelerator and passes the car 10.0 s later. What was the acceleration of the motorcycle? [ 0.45 m/s ] 2 14. An unmarked police car travelling a constant 80 km/h is passed by a speeder travelling 100 km/h. Precisely l.0 s after the speeder passes, the policeman steps on the accelerator; if the police car's acceleration is 2.0 m/s , how much time passes before the 2 police car overtakes the speeder (assumed moving at constant speed)? [ 6.4 s] Relative Motion 15. A motorboat whose speed in still water is 9.5 km/h must aim at a 55 angle upstream in order to travel directly across the stream. (a) o What is the speed of the current? (b) What is the resultant speed of the boat with respect to the shore?
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exam2_review - SPH 4U FINAL REVIEW Units and Significant...

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