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Question from Webassign 4. Figure 9-56 shows a two-ended "rocket" that is initially stationary on a frictionless floor, with its center at the origin of an x axis. The rocket consists of a central block C (of mass M = 6.00 kg) and blocks L and R (each of mass m = 2.50 kg) on the left and right sides. Small explosions can shoot either of the side blocks away from block C and along the x axis. Here is the sequence: (1) At time t = 0, block L is shot to the left with a speed of
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Unformatted text preview: 2.80 m/s relative to the velocity that the explosion gives the rest of the rocket. (2) Next, at time t = 0.80 s, block R is shot to the right with a speed of 2.80 m/s relative to the velocity that the explosion gives to block C ? Fig. 9-56 (a) What is the velocity of block C at t = 2.80 s? m/s i (b) What is the position of block C 's center at that time? x = m Section 9-7 Conservation of Linear Momentum Section 9-4 Linear Momentum...
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