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1st_mid_2007 - Biol 4213 First Midterm Feb 7 2007 1 Define...

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Biol 4213 First Midterm Feb. 7, 2007 1. Define and briefly describe 5 of the following 6 terms (25 pts.): Zeaxanthin Evolution Carbamylation Acclimation CAM Cycling Fitness 2. Draw a light response curve for photosynthesis. Be sure to label both the x- and y- axes. Label all critical points on the graph and note what limits photosynthesis on various portions of the curve. Note what the level of full sunlight is on the graph (i.e. light level on a mid-summer day at noon with no clouds in the sky). (25 pts.) 3. Define and discuss the concept of niche. Compare and contrast the definitions proposed by Grinnell, Elton and Hutchinson. What is the difference between fundamental versus realized niche? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this concept as a framework for studying plant adaptation to the environment? (25 pts.) 4. Answer one of the following two questions. Do not answer both questions. (25pts.) a) Describe how photosynthesis in terrestrial plants is usually measured using a gas exchange system. Describe the type of analyzer used and its principle of
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