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PSYC 3540 – Cognitive Psychology Dr. Francisco Arcediano — STUDY QUESTIONS — Chapter 1: The Science of Cognition 1. What are the motivations to study cognitive psychology? Motivations • Intellectual Curiosity • Implications for Other Fields • Why certain thought malfunctions occur: Clinical psychology • How people behave in groups: Social psychology • How persuasion works: Political science • Artificial Intelligence 2 Motivations  (cont’d) • Practical Applications • Education (e.g., improving study habits) PQ4R technique • Preview • Question • Read • Reflect • Recite • Review 2. What are the implications of cognitive psychology for other fields? Can you describe  some of the practical applications of cognitive psychology?  • Practical Applications • Law: on the reliability of eyewitness testimony) • Design of computer systems: HCI, UI • Education (how to teach, how to teach learn) e.g., improving study habits Practical Applications • Education (e.g., improving study habits) PQ4R technique • Preview • Question • Read • Reflect • Recite • Review
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3. How cognitive psychology came to be as we know it today? What are its historical  roots? 4.  How  Sternberg’s search paradigm  exemplifies the information-processing approach to cognition? 5. 
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PSYC 3540 - PSYC3540CognitivePsychology...

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