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Jane Final Draft # 3 Which Way is the Best Way? Our country has been a land full of chaos. We have been facing a variety of challenges these past months up to the present. There was the attack on The World Trade Center, the disastrous downfall of the economy, and the very recent tragic death of the kidnapped journalist. There were also numerous attempts of similar attacks by terrorist who, fortunately, were unsuccessful. The kidnappings, deaths, and other tragic circumstances that’s been taking place can make each of us re-think of what one could have done or should have done to prevent all of these commotions to have come about. Frans de Waal explained in his text, “The Ape and the Sushi Master”, that we have been taught and should reconsider the acts of kindness and altruism towards all situations around us. Lani Guinier agreed on the idea of reciprocity in the government that will wipe away discrimination, as she explains further in her text, “Second Proms and Second Primaries: The Limits of Majority Rule”. These ideas of re-considering a more humanitarian approach on different circumstances especially on the on going war that America’s been having are ideas Mary Kaldor construed in her essay, “Beyond Militarism, Arms Races and Arms Control”. They all believe that there are other ways in setting about ideas that we have been brought up with and ways that we can re-think otherwise. In some cases, re-thinking gives way to obtaining better solutions and explanations to questionable theories and methods. Yet, in other cases, re-thinking of
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alternative strategies might cause more tragic consequences depending on the circumstances. Some of the tragedies we’ve been facing in our country today are just some of the consequences that we’ve obtained from decisions our government has made in the past. Our country has been attacked by acts of terrorism numerous times the past years. In my opinion, this could be due to the interfering of America with the wars between different religions in other countries. Its purpose might be to help the subordinate country to succeed but might’ve angered the opposition causing them to attack us. The war against terrorism that is on going right now is a decision made by the government subsequent to the attack on the World Trade Center. Kaldor addressed this issue in her text regarding
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this_is_a_c - Jane Final Draft 3 Which Way is the Best Way...

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