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STUDY SHEET FOR ANT 4310 HISTORY OF ANTHROPOLOGICAL THEORY Review for 2 nd quiz on Nov. 12, 2009 Fall, 2009 Conklin: color classification among the Hanunoo; perception and environment; ethnoscience; his method Tyler: cognitive anthropology: classification, semantic domain, features, taxonomy sociobiology, biological basis of social behavior; three assumptions; the selfish gene; explanation for altruism E. O. Wilson: sociobiology, biological basis of social behavior, explanation for altruism Bird et al: optimal foraging theory; costly signaling theory 1Ortner: gender and universal subordination of women; biological determinism; logic of cultural thinking Slocum: critique of “man the hunter” metaphor in evolutionary theory Leacock: history and female subordination, Marxist dialectic; women’s domestic labor Stoler: race, class and gender in colonization; sexuality and power; phases of colonialism and ruler-ruled relations; false premises of colonialism Douglas: pollution and borders of body and society; structuralist approach to symbols
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