Experiment 6 lab report - Experiment#6 Acid-Base Dependence...

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Experiment #6 Acid-Base Dependence of a Redox Reaction Experiment by: Jaimin, Heba, and John Introduction Oxidation Reduction reactions have 2 reagents. The oxidation reagent whose oxidation state decreases and the other is the reducing agent whose oxidation state increases. In this experiment the reactions under investigation is between permanganate ion and ferrocyanide ion. Towards the end of the experiment, the permanganate is the oxidizing agent. Each permanganate and ferrocyanide will go through 3 reactions: one acidic, one basic, and one neutral. When reacted with acidic solution the object is to verify the identity of the products. When reacted with the neutral and basic solutions, the object is to study the products. The final goal of this experiment is to find the change in oxidation state of Manganese. The equations used in the following experiment are: Permanganate ion is reduced: MnO 4 - ( aq ) + 8H + ( aq ) + 5e - Mn 2+ ( aq ) + 4H 2 O( I ) Ferrocyanide ion is oxidized: Fe(CN) 6 4- ( aq ) Fe(CN) 6 3- ( aq ) + e - Net Ionic Equation: MnO 4 - ( aq )+ 5Fe(CN) 6 4- ( aq ) +8H + ( aq ) Mn 2+ ( aq ) + 5Fe(CN) 6 3- ( aq ) + 4H 2 O ( l ) Procedure Gather all materials Get 100 mL of potassium permanganate and 100 mL potassium ferrocyanide in separate beakers. Get a 25mL buret. Rinse it in water and clean it dry. Then add 1mL of permanganate solution and rinse the interior walls by rotating the buret. (this leaves no chances of errors) Fill the buret with 25mL of permanganate. Make sure the buret is clamped.
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Experiment 6 lab report - Experiment#6 Acid-Base Dependence...

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