Experiment 7 lab report - Experiment#7 Vapor Density and...

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Experiment #7 Vapor Density and the Ideal Gas Law By: Jaimin Patel, Heba Ahmad October 15, 2009 Introduction In this experiment, we are determining the element by its molecular mass. This experiment consists of using the ideal gas laws equation: PV = nRT. (Pressure x volume = number of moles x R (0.08206) x temperature). We replaced the number of moles, with the calculation of mass/molar mass. Therefore the equation looks something like this: PV = (m/M) RT M = mRT/PV Procedure Heat ½ liter of tap water in a 1L beaker. Clean and dry a 250mL Erlenmeyer flask. Cover the top of the flask with an aluminum foil. Use just enough aluminum foil so that the top of the flask is covered. Use a copper wire as a twist-tie to hold the aluminum foil. Weight the flask with the copper and aluminum. Record the mass. Unscrew and remove the lid, and place 3-4mL of unknown substance in the beaker. Cover the flask back up with the aluminum foil. With a pin, make a tiny hole in the aluminum foil. Clamp the 250mL flask and immerse it in the heating water. Try and immerse it so that only the foil part sticks out of the water. If necessary add more water. This decreases an error. Continue boiling until the entire unknown has vaporized. It will escape from the hole. When the stream of the unknown is no longer visible, the excess has escaped. Let the flask cool. When cooled dry the outside completely.
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Experiment 7 lab report - Experiment#7 Vapor Density and...

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