Experiment 8 lab report - Experiment # 8 Determining of...

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Unformatted text preview: Experiment # 8 Determining of Molar Mass by Freezing-Point Depression Experiment by Jaimin Patel Introduction Colligative properties of a solution are defined as properties which only depend on the number of particles dissolved in a solution rather than upon the kind of particles dissolved. Colligative properties depend solely on the concentration of the solute. There are 4 major colligative properties: freezing point depression, vapor pressure lowering, boiling point elevation, and osmotic pressure. This lab will determine how the freezing point depression determines the effect of dissolved substance on freezing point of the organic solvent cyclohexane. As the gas changes into liquid, the kinetic energy decreases to eventually form a solid. However, the point at which a substance is transformed from a liquid to a solid depends on its concentration. In this lab we will determine how freezing point changes according to a substance’s freezing point and ultimately use this information to find the molar mass of an unknown...
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Experiment 8 lab report - Experiment # 8 Determining of...

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