CE70 Midterm Review

CE70 Midterm Review - University of California Berkeley...

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University of California, Berkeley Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering CE 70 - Engineering Geology Midterm Review Questions What is Plate Tectonics and how does it help in explaining the geologic hazards along the West Coast? What is a transform fault? ... what is an example of a transform fault? What is lithosphere and what is the difference between the continental and oceanic lithosphere? Why was the eruption of Mount St. Helens so violent? Do you think that there is any similarity in the events at Mount St. Helens in Washington and Mount Pinotubo in the Philippines? Why? What is the difference between oceanic volcanism and subduction zone volcanism? What are the principal hazards of a volcanic eruption in a subduction zone environment? … in an oceanic setting? What is a lava tube? … why are lava tube significant from an engineering/environmental view? What are polymorphs? Give an example. What is cleavage? Why is talc so slippery? What are phenocrysts? How would you distinguish orthoclase from plagioclase? . .. from quartz? Why is quartz a very common mineral in sediments? How can you measure the relative hardness of minerals in the field? Which common mineral will scratch steel? Which common mineral(s) can be scratched with a finger nail? What does the Bowen’s reaction series describe? …which minerals crystallize first/last? How is the Bowen’s reaction series reflected in the composition of igneous rocks?
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CE70 Midterm Review - University of California Berkeley...

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