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E160 Operations Research I Fall 2009 Homework #10 1. Think of the network shown in the figure below as a highway map, and the number recorded next to each arc as the maximum elevation encountered in traversing the arc. A traveler plans to drive from node 1 to node 12 on this highway. This traveler dislikes high altitudes and so would like to find a path connecting node 1 to node 12 that minimizes the maximum altitude. Find the best path for this traveler using greedy algorithm for minimum spanning tree. 2. For a graph G=(N, A), suppose we found a minimum spanning tree T of G. Now
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Unformatted text preview: assume that one of the arc (i,j) in the minimum spanning tree of T is no longer available for G. Find the minimum spanning tree for the new graph G’=(N, A\(i,j)) without running the minimum spanning tree algorithm again. 3. Section 8.2: Problem 1 4. Section 8.2: Problem 2 5. Use the algorithm for shortest path on acyclic graph to find the shortest path from node 1 to node 4 in Problem 4 (Section 8.2) 6. Section 8.2: Problem 5 7. Section 8.4: Problem 4 part(a) and part (b)...
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