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Velocity and Acceleration of a Power Ball

Velocity and Acceleration of a Power Ball - Consider the...

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Consider the motion of a power ball that is dropped on the floor and bounces back. In the following questions, you will describe its motion at various points in its fall in terms of its velocity and acceleration. Part A You drop a power ball on the floor. The motion diagram of the ball is sketched in the figure ( Part A figure ) . Indicate whether the magnitude of the velocity of the ball is increasing, decreasing, or not changing. increasing decreasing not changing Correct While the ball is in free fall, the magnitude of its velocity is increasing, so the ball is accelerating. Part B Since the length of is directly proportional to the length of , the vector connecting each dot to the next could represent velocity vectors as well as position vectors, as shown in the figure here ( Part B figure ) . Indicate whether the velocity and acceleration of the ball are, respectively, positive (upward), negative, or zero. Use P , N , and Z for positive (upward), negative, and zero, respectively. Separate the letters for velocity and acceleration with a comma.
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