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1Joe Final, Paper #6 “A Mix of Poison and Food is Still Deadly” Looking back upon the history of achievements and innovations of Man, nearly all of his existence has been utterly stagnant. Thousands of years ago, the life of a human remained relatively unchanged for centuries on end. In the last two hundred years, however, mankind has begun to change; innovation and invention became more ideal as living conditions grew less harsh. In the last century, man came to grips with the changes and ideas these new innovations can bring, and their impact upon old traditions and cultures. New technology and old traditions brought the world into a new type of warfare: A World War. And not only one, but two of them. In Alexander Stille’s “The Ganges’ Next Life,” he discusses the mix of old traditions and new education from technology in a Hindu hydraulic engineer. This man bathes daily in a river, the Ganges, according to his old Hindu beliefs, which he knows to be horribly polluted and disgusting according to his education. Like this man, technology is creating conflict within those it ‘infects.’ Technology is sweeping the world at an amazing pace, and often faster than societies are ready for it. In “Global Realization” by Eric Schlosser, he shows the sweeping effects of globalization and technology upon society and culture, and oftentimes, the conflict it creates with societies not ready to let go of old, outdated traditions. Old traditions limit the scope and ability of technology, forcing it to be used in cumbersome ways, which detriment both the user and people around him. The conflict this creates, much like the conflict between religion and science, can sometimes turn hostile, as people resist change, and turn to the leading destroyer of old culture and traditions: Technological globalization. In Mary Kaldor’s “Beyond Militarism, 1
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Arms Races and Arms Control,” she discusses the new type of war brewing throughout the world, fueled by resistance to change. Instead of governments or states waging war, small groups attack symbols of what they perceive as instruments of change, blending technology and old traditions of holy war or otherwise in a destructive way. Technology and tradition are constantly at war with each other; its groups feverishly try to negate the other’s existence. In order for new ideas to be used effectively, old ideas must be shunned for being outdated. Either one must live in a technological culture, fueled by change and innovation, or live in a purely traditional or fundamentalist culture, fueled by tradition and intellectual stagnation. Any mix creates internal conflict and resentment, as people resist the unpredictable nature of change. This conflict may turn external, causing people to strike back in unconventional methods. Nearly all conflict in the world is created by two things: change, and the resistance to
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this_is_a_b - Joe Final Paper#6"A Mix of Poison and Food is...

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