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Dr. Don Choi and Dr. Marc Neveu Winter 2010 Syllabus Arch 218-01: History of World Architecture: Middle Ages to the Eighteenth Century Description This course, the second in a yearlong series, surveys the history of architecture and urbanism from the end of the first millennium of the Common Era (AD or CE) to about 1750. The lectures and readings will address the complex web of factors that shaped the built environment in various parts of the world–society and culture, climate and geography, science and technology, materials and methods of construction– as well as the somewhat autonomous development of architectural ideas. Katsura Detached Palace, Kyoto, Japan. CSU Employee Furloughs – Impact on Classes This year across this campus and around the CSU system some class days will be cancelled because of furloughs. A furlough is mandatory un-paid time off; faculty and staff on each CSU campus are being “furloughed” two days per month. These cancelled class days are marked on your syllabus below. It is important to recognize that these days off are not holidays. Instead, they are concrete examples of how massive state budget cuts have consequences for you as students and for me as a faculty member. The CSU has suffered chronic underfunding for at least 10 years. This year the budget cuts are the worst in the history of our university system — $584 million or 20% of our budget. The CSU administration is attempting to deal with these cuts with huge increases in your student fees (32%), eliminations of your classes, and lay-offs of faculty and other university employees. In addition to paying higher fees, you will be affected by reduced services and classes. The library will have shorter hours. Many campus support services will be decreased or eliminated. It will be more difficult to get signatures to meet deadlines. Classes you need may have been cut from the class schedule or are full. If you would like to take action, or simply learn more, I strongly recommend you contact the California Faculty Association on campus (Dorothy Pippin at 756-2717 or [email protected]).
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Notre Dame de Chartres, France Course Objectives This is a General Education course that satisfies the requirements of Area C3, Fine and Performing Arts. Students completing this course should able to: understand the possibilities and limitations of language as a symbolic and expressive medium; differentiate between formal and metaphorical language. read with insight, engagement, detachment, and
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218-2010-01_Syllabus - Dr Don Choi and Dr Marc Neveu Winter...

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