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Lecture_5_NOTES - Lecture5 OnlineHandouts Lec 4&5Notes...

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Lecture 5 Online Handouts: Lec 4 & 5 Notes Announcements: Dr. Furlow will be here at the end of class to deal with open campus forms and other administrative matters. Reading ( Required ): Neurotransmitters & Neuropeptides (pp. 105 107, 110 112) Reading (Recommended): Chapter 4 Review Action Potential Action Potential (cont’d) Conduction of AP Synapse REV: Action Potential 1. Rapid stereotyped change in E m , which occurs in response to a stimulus. 2. There are 6 primary characteristics of an AP: a) Large regenerative increase in P Na via Positive Feedback b) Rapid repolarization of E m by slow increase in P K c) Every AP followed by 2 refractory periods d) Every AP is All or None e) AP conducted over the axon f) AP are conducted rapidly
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At Any Point of the Action Potential, The E m is a Function of P Na+ and P K+ Fig. 4 11, pg. 99 Voltage Gated Channel Properties Affect the Neuronal Firing Rate Refractory Periods A new action potential usually cannot be initiated in a region that just had an
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