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Multiple Intelligences Quiz Instructions: Check the statements that are true for you in each category and total them at the bottom of each section. SECTION A ____ Books are very important to me. ____ I can hear words in my head before I read, speak or write them down. ____ I get more out of listening to the ratio or a spoken-word cassette then I do from television or films. ____ I show an aptitude for word games like Scrabble, Anagrams, or Password. ____ I enjoy entertaining myself or others with tongue twisters, nonsense rhymes, or puns. ____ Other people sometimes have to stop and ask me to explain the meaning of the words I use in my writing and speaking. ____ English, social studies, and history were easier for me in school than math and science. ____ When I drive down a freeway, I pay more attention to the words written on billboards than to the scenery. ____ My conversation includes frequent references to things I’ve read of heard. ____ I’ve written something recently that I was particularly proud of or that earned me recognition from others. SECTION B ____ I can easily computer numbers in my head. ____ Math and/or science were among my favorite subjects in school. ____ I enjoy playing games or solving brainteasers that require logical thinking. ____ I like to set up little “what if” experiments (for example, “What if I double the amount of water I give my rosebush each week?”). ____ My mind searches for patterns, regularities, or logical sequences in things.
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URU-Multiple_Intelligences_Quiz - Multiple Intelligences...

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