Review Quiz - Biological Sciences 101-002 Dr. Mark Sanders...

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Biological Sciences 101-002 Dr. Mark Sanders Winter Quarter 2010 REVIEW QUIZ The purpose of this review quiz is to help you review transmission genetics and mitosis/ meiosis, topics you have previously studied in introductory biology and that we expand upon in BIS 101. The quiz is worth 40 points - 10% of your course grade. Use your current knowledge, the textbook for this and previous biology courses, and your class notes as resources to answer these questions. Group work on the quiz is encouraged as a way of solidifying your understanding of genetic principles and analysis. You may consult your current and previous biology textbooks, your teaching assistant, or speak to the instructor about questions. The completed quiz is due at the beginning of class on January 20 . Quiz answers will be distributed on January 20 and it is recommended that you keep a photocopy of your quiz to facilitate your study for the first midterm exam . Late quizzes will not be accepted and there is no make up quiz. If you choose to work in a group, be sure your name and student ID number is listed below on the cover sheet. Each person must sign the cover sheet and each member of the group will receive the same score for the quiz. Do not turn in more than one review quiz with your name on it , as duplicate quizzes will be discarded. We will record the same quiz score for everyone in your group. If you work alone, fill out the cover sheet with your name, ID, and signature. The bottom line is that it is your responsibility to be sure that
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Review Quiz - Biological Sciences 101-002 Dr. Mark Sanders...

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