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Keep This Page Attached to the Exam Physics 7B Winter 08 Final Cover Sheet INSTRUCTIONS: Right now, as soon as you get this part of the exam: 1. Fill in this cover sheet completely . 2. Put your name and your DL section on each page of the exam. This is important!!!! The pages are separated for grading! 3. Count the pages of the final exam. There should be 10 pages total with problems and questions on pages 2 - 9. If you find this is not the case, inform the proctor IMMEDIATELY. It is your responsibility to have a complete exam -- any missing problems or questions will be given -0.5 points. Remember: * You may not know the answer or immediately know what to do when you first read a question. You are being tested on your ability to think. So think about how you can apply the general models and methods you have learned to the particular situations discussed in the questions. * * You must show your work to receive credit . * Don’t Cheat! We automatically report anyone suspected of cheating to Student Judicial Affairs. I certify by my signature below that I have read the above instructions and that I will abide by the UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct. This includes not copying from anyone else’s final not letting any other student copy from my final not discussing this final exam with any student who has not yet taken it, nor providing any information, written or oral, that might get to a student who has not yet taken it Name (Print Clearly): Last first DL Section Number: (This is a number between 1 and 11) Signature:______________________________________ You may begin the final as soon as you have completed this and the following: put your name, DL section number, and first three letters of your last name on each of the following five pages (pp. 2-9) . Tear off the formula page stapled to the back of the exam (page 10); remove it from the exam in order to use it (you do not have to return the formula sheet).
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| | | | p 2 Last name First name DL Sec First three initials of last name grade (for office use only) 1. A fluid circuit has a pipe containing water which rises a height h, and the cross sectional area decreases to half its initial value as shown. The speed of the flow in the lower section is v 1 = 10.0 m/s and the pressure is P 1 = 200 kPa. Any dissipation can be ignored. ρ w = 1000 kg/m 3 . Use g = 10 m/s 2 .
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