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Physics 7B Quiz 3 Rubric Q 10.0 Perfect response. Student realized that the forces had to be balanced SEPARATELY in the x- and y- direction, correctly set up the equations, correctly carried out the algebra, and got correct answers, F obj1 =36.6N, F obj2 =44.8N. R 9.8 Correct setup, but with a small error in the algebra, such as incorrect value of sine/cosine, round- off error, or a negative sign error. T 9.2 Correct setup of the force balance in the x- and y- direction, and correct substitution for the x- and y- components of F obj1 and F obj2 , but incomplete/incorrect algebra. U 7.7 Student realized the need to balance the forces separately in the x- and y- direction, but did not perform the correct substitution for the components of F
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Unformatted text preview: obj1 and F obj2 . W 6.0 Student tried to solve the entire problem only using sines/cosines/tangents, without any reference to force balance equations; student tried to write a single force balance equation, not splitting it into x- and y- components, or said that the MAGNITUDES of the two forces had to add up to 50N; student had only two of the three forces add up to 0; 50N=F 1 +F 2 +F 3 or similar. X 3.0 Too many errors; no significant progress made towards correctly solving the problem; student described or tried using the formulas v x =vcos( θ ), v y =vsin( θ ), v=(v x 2 +v y 2 ) ½ straight, without correct references to the problem. Z 0.0 Blank or effectively blank....
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