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Fall 09 7C-CD Quiz 5 Student ID:_______________ Name:______________, ______________ |____| (Last) (First) DL Sect. # I certify that I will abide by the UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct. Signature:___________________________ i o f 1 1 1 o i m grid size is 0.5 cm Rubric Code: Below are an object (carrot) and a converging lens. The lens has a focal length of 3.0 cm. Using the principle rays, graphically illustrate the image. Describe the image. (Real or virtual? Upright or inverted? Magnification? Position?). Use the Thin Lens Equation to verify your results. Because the rays converge, the image is real. They converge at a point 5.0 cm to the right of
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Unformatted text preview: the lens, which is the image distance i . Because the image is upside down compared to the object, the image is inverted. The magnification, – i/o = -5cm/7.5cm = -2/3, confirms that the image is inverted (i<0) and that the image is smaller than the object by a factor of 2/3. The thin lens equation can solve the problem without graphing: The thin lens equation verifies that the image should be located 5cm to the right of the lens. Because i >0, the image is real. The magnification is again -2/3, making the image smaller and inverted compared to the object....
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