development_of_physics_10.13 - THE DEVELOPMENT OF PHYSICS...

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THE DEVELOPMENT OF PHYSICS 10/13 Physics- Science of relationship between motion, matter, and energy -the origin, nature, and behavior of matter (macro to micro) -math oriented Isaac Newton- created a mathematical model of the universe - explained elliptical orbits of the planets around the sun - proved universe behaves through natural and absolute laws - Newtonian: stable, certain, and absolute Hand Christian Oersted- Danish physicist - relationship between electricity and magnetism - 1820: electrical current through a wire experiment + compass magnetism experiment = arrow of compass pointed towards electricity - Went to academy of scientists in Paris to show off experiment Andre-Marie Ampere - saw Oersted’s experiment and was inspired - decided to form mathematical model to prove said experiment - led to the field of electromagnetism - wrapped a wire around an iron core and running electricity thru it caused a magnet, but tended to burn out very quickly - worked with instillation to stop from burning out
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development_of_physics_10.13 - THE DEVELOPMENT OF PHYSICS...

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