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HIV/AIDS Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome/human Immunodeficiency virus. Retrovirus – carries genetic material in RNA. Most use DNA to make RNA. Goes after  while blood cells to kill the immune system. 25 million are dead since 2006. 33 million  affected last year. 1884 – 1924 best guess to when aids entered the population originated in equatorial  Africa. First it affected chimps and in 1999 they found the virus: Simian  Immunodeficiency virus. 98% similar to the AIDS virus. 1979 – 1981 doctors found the emergence of a new illness and reported it to the CDC.  Most patients were homosexual men, drug needle users, Haitian immigrants, woman  with sexual intercourse with any of the above. Once called GRID – gay related 
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Unformatted text preview: Immunodeficiency. • Francoise Barre-Sinoussi – 1983 with Luc Montagnier discovered HIV and that it is a retro virus. No proof showing that HIV was a retrovirus but that was discovered by Robert Gallo in 1984. He was the first person to discover a retrovirus. • A HIV controller is a person who has the disease but it does not destroy the immune system. 1 out of 3,000 are controllers. There is a connection between HIV and the black plague. Found that some Europeans have a natural resistance to the virus. Called chemokin receptor 5 and it blocks HIV from entering cells....
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