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Tyler W. Carlson Violation of “Student Code of Conduct” September 16, 2009 Research Paper “Get to Know the Policies at FSU” Community expectations are imposed to keep on track with the continued success of the dorm life. Allowing the residents to be responsible and safe. The community expectations supplement the “Student Conduct Code”. The four main topics are Respect for Persons, Respect for Health Safety and Welfare, Respect for Residence Hall Operations, and Respect for Property. The quiet hours are from 9pm to 9am and quiet hours entails limited noise levels, as well as people in and out of rooms rowdily. Guests are only allowed in the halls only at the request of residents, and guests are required to follow university and hall regulations. Alcohol consumption under 21 years old is zero tolerance policy, as well as any possession. Illegal drugs possession is strictly prohibited as well as paraphernalia. Decorative containers are described as bottles, cans, and bottle caps. Students are prohibited with tampering with smoke alarm. Any cooking
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