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Carlson_TylerCL3 - Communication Log 3(Fall 2009 Name Tyler...

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Communication Log 3 (Fall 2009) Name: Tyler Carlson FAD2230 Sec. 14 Time 1: I decided to incorporate the XYZ statement strategy with my roommate in order to boost his spirits a little bit. For the most part my roommate gets on my nerves more than anything else, but truly it isn’t his fault instead I just cant live so close to someone (my roommate in dorm room). I could tell he looked upset slash depressed about something and I had noticed him trying to get bigger and put on more muscle and become stronger. Then I said to him, “I feel inspired by you, when I see you working out each day and executing a specific diet, when you do this on a regular basis, showing discipline.” His initial reaction was to smile and we began discussing different strategies in order to gain muscle and he opened up about how he feels so skinny and is ashamed of his “chicken legs” and how I was stronger and bigger than him. I responded by saying at least you have a six pack I don’t at all. And eventually he talked bout how his friend
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