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Carlson_TylerCL4 - Communications Log 4(Fall 2009 Teaching...

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Communications Log 4 (Fall 2009) Name: Tyler Carlson Teaching the Speaker-Listener Technique Experience 1: The first person I attempted to teach the speaker listening technique to was my good friend from high school, Will. I decided to choose him because of th frequent mini arguments over the stupidest things. We were sitting around watching some television and relaxing, and then he flipped the channel to family guy one of his favorite shows, I starting getting upset. And I barked out at him to switch it back to the game! And one thing led to another and voices were raised, and the argument escalated. Once we had calmed down I decided to attempt to teach him the speaker listening technique via this most recent disagreement. So I told him I would let him give his thought and voice his side of the situation, and I would re-iterate what he was saying, asking question to clarify what he is trying to get across. And then we would switch roles and he would become the listener and have to listen to my view, and also
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