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Our daily life is filled with advertisements, and we can see them it almost everywhere at anytime. But what is advertising? It is it a kind of information or a way of manipulation? It is most likely that advertising is a way of manipulation, because the purpose of advertising is to control you to purchase their products. In the contrast, information is just the way to manipulate you to buy their products, it is not the whole idea of advertising. We can think about it in these ways: the definition of advertising are kinds of activities what persuade people to buy something unclear ; information is just a part of the advertising and it is not advertising; the influence of advertising is to drive people to buy something rather than only giving them some information. To begin with, what’s the definition of advertising? The answer is the activity and industry which manipulate people to buy the company’s products. The point of advertising is to encourage people to buy something. It also indicates the purpose of advertising, which is encouraging people to purchase rather than giving some information to people. For example, when you see the advertisements of starbucks, the purpose of this piece of advertisement is not to let you know how perfect the starbucks tastes d , however, it is to encourage you to buy a cup of starbucks. Also, if
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ztan_7essay2 - Our daily life is filled with...

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