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Zhiyuan Tan MCB150 [email protected] Assignment2 Stem cells are a kind of immature cells that are undifferentiated. They have the potential proliferate and differentiate capacity. It means that they can develop into many other different type cells in the body during the whole time of a creature’s life. The special mechanism of stem cells’ division, divided into a daughter cell that remains a stem cell and one that differentiates, makes them become a potential source of body repair material. The scientific benefit of using embryonic stem cells over adult stem cells is the pluripotency of embryonic stem cells (1.) Pluripotency is the capacity that the embryonic stem cell can become a wide variety of specialized cells. So the embryonic stem cells are like primary school students: they have not decided their major yet, and they can become any kind of person in the future. However, the adult stem cells are like graduated students, who can only do the job in their own field. The scientific benefit of using adult stem cells over embryonic stem cells is that adult stem cells will not be attacked by the patient’s immune system. It is easier to isolate adult stem cells from the patients, and the immune system will not attack the patients’ own cells. If using the embryonic stem cells to replace the patient’s cell, the patients’ immune system will reject the cells received from someone else which have the different HLA antibody. The scientific benefit of using cord blood stem cells is that there is no
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ztan7_assignment2 - Zhiyuan Tan MCB150 [email protected]..

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