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IB 144/Psych 115B Name ________________________ Fall 2009 ASSIGNMENT 2 Due week of 7 September 2009 10 points Guppies are common aquarium fish that are highly sexually dimorphic, with males being much more colorful than females (photos on bspace). When courting, the male performs a dance-like display that includes spreading his fins and curving his body toward the female, thereby emphasizing the colorful patches on his body. Based on observations of free-living guppies in Trinidad, it has been found that the amount of orange color that a male has is particularly attractive to females, meaning that males with the most orange get the most mates. A researcher has decided to conduct a lab study of guppies to test experimentally the hypothesis that males with more orange are more attractive. To do this, the researcher places a computer model at each end of an aquarium. On one monitor is a digital image of a male guppy with lots of orange on his body. On the other monitor is an image of the same male (making the same movements at the same time), but with almost all of the orange digitally removed from his body. The research then places a live female guppy in the tank and measures how much time she spends near each image to determine how
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144_2assignment_2009_answers - IB 144/Psych 115B Fall 2009...

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