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Midterm 3 study guide - 1 Animal Behavior IB 144/Psych 115B Study Guide for Midterm 3 Here are some questions you should think about and be able to answer – the midterm will be in the form of multiple choice and short answer but the content will be along these lines. Note: there are some notes and corrections from lec- ture material. Names to know: Niko Tinbergen, Luuk Tinbergen, Konrad Lorenz, Karl von Frisch - some of the founders of animal beha- vior What are Tinbergen’s four questions about how to understand a behavior? Evolution of learning What do we mean by the building blocks of learning? What is an example of how through evolution these building blocks can be adapted to the problem faced by a particular species? How do we study filial imprinting? How did filial imprinting evolve from basic classical conditioning mechanisms? Why did it evolve, what are the costs and benefits of learning this way? Spatial learning Why is spatial learning so important to an animals survival? to its reproduction? How does mating system predict spatial learning in a mammal? in a bird? Why is there no sex difference in spatial learn- ing in most passerine birds but it is probably the common pattern in most mammals? What does this tell you about how sexual selection works on cognition? How is bird song learning similar to spatial learn- ing? What is the hippocampus? What is its function in navigation? Why would food-storing animals have a larger hippocampus? Of food-storers, why would this only be true of scatter hoarders, not larder hoarders? Describe how demonstrate that an animal remembers where its caches are. How did the methods differ between a chickadee and a squirrel? What is the role of olfaction in cache retrieval? What can you learn by comparing the movements of a squirrel while caching to the movements of the same squirrel while retrieving? What are the challenges faced by a scatter hoarding kangaroo rat, such as the Merriam’s? What is the behavioral evidence that there are species differences in spatial memory that correlate with food-storing
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144_StudyGuide_M3_2009 - Midterm 3 study guide 1 Animal...

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