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Name _________________________ FIRST MIDTERM IB 144/Psych 115B 100 points, 7 pages Multiple choice. 4 points each. Circle the letter corresponding to the response that best completes each statement. 1. Modern studies of animal behavior emphasize three forms of selection – natural selection, sexual selection and kin selection. Which of the following best describes the relationship between these three forms of selection? a. natural, sexual and kin selection are completely independent of each other b. sexual selection and kin selection are specialized forms of natural selection c. natural, sexual and kin selection always favor the same phenotypic traits d. natural and sexual selection emphasize indirect fitness benefits to individuals 2. Guppies are brightly colored aquarium fish. Males in this species often have black spots on their bodies and it has been hypothesized that these spots are used to attract females. If black spots on males have evolved due to a good genes model of sexual selection, what must be true about these spots? a. the spots are costly for males to produce b. the black color must be obtained from the food that males eat c. the spots are not subject to natural selection d. the black color must be equally abundant in all males 3. Recent research on guppies has revealed that the heritability of black spots is zero. Given this new finding, which of the following should be true? a. intersexual selection will favor males with more black on their bodies b. natural selection will eventually limit the amount of black on males c. sexual selection will only act if the black color is costly to produce d. sexual selection will not alter the amount of black on male bodies 1
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Name _________________________ 4. As you saw in the film clip on sea anemones, these animals reproduce asexually by basically dividing themselves in half. Given that information, which of the following is true for sea anemones? a. there is a cost of recombination associated with reproduction b. the r value between parents and offspring is 0.5 c. the heritability of traits will be greater than in sexual organisms d. deleterious mutations will be more difficult to eliminate than in sexual species 5. In a study of mate choice in scissor-tailed flycatchers, a researcher found that females prefer to mate with males with longer tails. The researcher also found that males vary greatly with respect to the number of parasites that they have in their bodies. If tail length represents an honest indicator of male quality, which of the following is most likely to be true? a. males with long tails have fewer parasites b. tail length has no relationship to parasite load c. males with short tails have higher direct fitness d. parasite load has no relationship to direct fitness 6. To determine that males with longer tails are more attractive to females, the researcher had to collect data on some measure of male reproductive success. From
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first_midterm_2008_answers - Name _ Section day & time...

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