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Practice exam questions: answers 1. C. Options A and D are not logical and shouldn’t cause any problems. B might seem like a good alternative, but won’t be true in all cases – benefits to the recipient are measured in terms of direct fitness but benefits to the actor are measured in terms of indirect fitness. 2. C. In our discussion of the Fisherian or run-away model, I specifically indicated that the positive feedback will continue until the cost of the trait becomes so extreme that males cannot increase the extremeness of the trait and survive – in other words, natural selection kicks in and acts against the further elaboration of the trait. In contrast, A cannot be true if elaboration of male traits is driven by female choice, as the Fisherian model predicts. As stated in class, B could well be true, but this doesn’t explain why elaboration of the trait stops. D is more closely allied with the good genes model of
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