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Contrasting Fisherian and Good Genes models of sexual selection: Fisherian Good Genes Relationship between male None required Trait must indicate trait and male “quality” male quality Preferred male trait is costly Not initially, but Trait must be costly becomes costly as to be “honest” selection proceeds Heritability of male trait Both must be Both must be and female preference heritable heritable Genetic correlation between Predicted outcome Can occur, but not male trait and female preference of model not required by model Positive feedback loop leads Predicted Not predicted to rapid directional selection Natural selection halts Yes Yes and no (cost of male sexual selection for more trait counteracts sexual selection but extreme male trait
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Unformatted text preview: doesn’t halt directional selection in the same way as for Fisherian sexual selection) What we tend to see End of positive feedback Ongoing, dynamic process loop of sexual selection The bottom line: there are a lot of similarities between these two models of female choice, even though we recognize them as distinct. As a result, in practice it is pretty much impossible to determine which model has operated on a given species. In fact, both models can operate on the same species, either sequentially or at the same time on different traits. For the midterm, you should understand each model and how it works and be able to compare and contrast the key features of each model....
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sexual_selection_models-chart - doesn’t halt directional...

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