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HW 23 Prob extra 8_17 - PROBLEM 8.17 The cylinder shown is...

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Unformatted text preview: PROBLEM 8.17 The cylinder shown is of weight W and radius r, and the coefficient of static friction #3 is the same at A and B. Determine the magnitude of the largest couple M that can be applied tothe cylinder if it is not torotate. SOLUTION FBD cylinder: For maximum M, motion impends at both A and B FA =IusNA FB =flsNB '—-+2Fx =0: NA —FB =0 NA =FB =IusNB FA =I££SNA =Ius2NB $sz =0; NB +FA —W=0 NB +quB =W or NB = W 2 1+fls and FB = ”SW2 ...
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