Ch4-6c(Review Questions)

Ch4-6c(Review Questions) - 2009-04-1811Review Questions...

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Unformatted text preview: 2009-04-1811Review Questions 4Review Questions 41.How do you determine the number of DOF of a lumped-mass system?2.How many DOFs does an automobile in driving have, if it is treated as (a) rigid body, and (b) an elastic body?3.What are physical (generalized) coordinates and modal (principal) coordinates? What are their use?4.Is the nature of the coupling dependent on the coordinates used?5.What is meant by static and dynamic coupling?6.What is a node?7.How can we make a system vibrate in one of its natural mode?28.What is a semi-definite (unrestrained or degenerate) system? Give an example of physical systems that is degenerate. How many degenerate modes can a vibrating system have?Review Questions 4Review Questions 4vibrating system have?9.Express the potential and kinetic energy of an n-DOF system, using matrix notation.10.Why is the mass matrix [M] always positive definite?11.Is the stiffness matrix [K] always positive definite? Why?Why?12.State Lagranges equation.13.What is an eigenvalue problem?14.What is a modeshape? How many modeshapes a system have?2009-04-182315.What is the linear independence of a vector?16.What is a basis in n-dimensional space?17.How do you normalize a vector x?18What is meant by the orthogonality of normal (natural)Review Questions 4Review Questions 418.What is meant by the orthogonality of normal (natural) modes? What are orthonormal modal vectors?19.Is the eigenvector synonymous to the modeshape vector?...
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Ch4-6c(Review Questions) - 2009-04-1811Review Questions...

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