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Urinary System - Kidney produces urine Urinary System...

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Urinary System  Kidney  -produces urine Ureter  - transports urine to the bladder Urinary bladder  - Temporarily stores urine Urethra  - Conducts urine to exterior
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Kidney  Capsule Renal Cortex       a. Renal columns (extends down into the medulla) Renal medulla       a. pyramids Renal sinus  Kidney Capsule Fibrous covering outside the kidney  Kidney Cortex Outer layer  of kidney Contains the renal columns  which extend down  between the renal pyramids of the  medulla  Kidney Medulla Inner layer  of the kidney Consists of  renal pyramids Apex of each pyramid is the renal papilla  that  empties urine  into a small cuplike  space  called the minor calyx  Kidney Calyces Minor calyx  - at base of renal papilla of pyramid Major calyx  - several minor calyxes empty into a common space called a major calyx  Flow of Urine  Nephron Papillary duct (a few collecting ducts that merge) Minor calyx (at base of renal papilla) Major calyx Renal pelvis Ureter Urinary bladder Urethra  Kidney Renal Pelvis 
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  • Klinger
  • Kidney anatomy, Nephron Renal Corpuscle Bowman, Urethra Kidney Renal, renal tubule Nephron, Renal sinus Kidney

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