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Shoulder Flexion Anterior Deltoid, Coracobrachialis, and Supraspinatus Origin : Anterior Deltoid: front of clavicle and acromion process Coracobrachialis: coracoid process of scapula Supraspinatus: supraspinous fossa of scapula Insertion: Anterior Deltoid: deltoid tuberosity of humerus Coracobrachialis: midshaft of humerus Supraspinatus: greater tubercle of humerus Nerve Innervation : Anterior Deltoid: axillary Coracobrachialis: musculocutaneous Supraspinatus: suprascapular C5, 6 Patient Position :
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Patient should be sitting, shoulder flexed to 90 ° , hand pronated. Therapist and Patient Instructions : Resistance should be given at the humerus just above the elbow in a downward direction. The other hand may be placed on the shoulder to stabilize. Ask the patient to, “raise your arm to the height of your shoulder, make sure your palm faces the ground, hold it there and don’t let me push it down.” Note : If insufficient resistance is applied at the elbow the therapist can use the forearm just above the wrist. However, you must first rule out the possibility of any elbow injuries so as not to cause further damage. Also, make sure you are consistent bilaterally. MMT for Grades 2, 1, and 0: Patient Position : Sitting with arm at side and the elbow just slightly flexed. Therapist and Patient Instructions : The therapist should palpate the deltoid by placing the thumb and forefinger around the anterior surface of the deltoid, then palpate the coracobrachialis and supraspinatus as well. Ask the patient to try and raise his/her arm.
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ShoulderMMT pictures - Shoulder Flexion Anterior Deltoid...

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