Campus Book Drive Outline__ Revised

Campus Book Drive Outline__ Revised - Campus Book Drive...

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Campus Book Drive Brian Tinlin, Britney Elbert, Cara Yaeger, Jordan Nykiel, Megan Kurtz COM114 General Purpose: To Persuade. Specific Purpose: To convince this committee to give $1,500 to our cause in order to tackle the problem of unused textbooks in our community. Thesis Statement: To tackle the growing problem of text books being wasted by sitting in landfills and also high school students lacking interest in college education, we propose to work through the Liberal Arts Honors Student Council to create a recycling program for the used books of college students, and help get some of these books to local high school students. INTRODUCTION I. Attention Getter: Think with me here for a second. Hundreds of perfectly good books piled in a land fill from students throwing them out. Doesn’t this bother you? Imagine you’re a college student, the excitement of ending your first semester as a freshman in college is building. You take your finals, you get some A’s and some C’s, pretty good for your first round of finals. Once your done with finals you get home and look at your stack of books and say, “I’m never going to use these again, what do I do with them?” This is so confusing for so many college students, some ask, do I throw them away? Burn them? They have no idea what to do. Also, there is definitely a growing problem in our community with literacy. Students in high school just have a lack of interest when it comes to going to going to college or furthering their education. Most American students, it seems, just want to get by with mediocre grades and there is really nothing that motivates them to do well in school. This book drive will help interest these students and give them a new feeling for going to college. Also, the book drive will solve the dilemma of not knowing what to do with your books at the end of the semester and lessen the stress on the already stressed college students. II. Credibility Statement: Our group has thoroughly researched and looked into what students do with their used books in the past couple weeks. Many college students are very confused on exactly what to do. We have interviewed multiple college students to find out what exactly they do with their books and get to know if they would participate in this opportunity to help others and recycle. III. Relevancy Statement: All of us are college students and as college students we go through a lot of books since we take so many classes. We all wonder exactly what to do with some of our books when we are done with them at the end of the semester. The fact is a lot of books are filling landfills and not going to good use. This is a problem since high school students don’t have an interest in college, these books could be used to create an interest in doing so. In fact, according to, every day more than 6,000
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students drop-out of school. As you can tell this is a huge problem that needs to be dealt with. With drop-out rates like that, our future may not be too bright.
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Campus Book Drive Outline__ Revised - Campus Book Drive...

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