workbook Week 1 - Chapter 2 Samples Good and Bad 1.Write...

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Week 1 Chapter 1 This week we discuss how data is obtained from sampling Write out definitions for the following concepts 1.Population The entire group of individuals in a statistical study about which we want information. 1.Units Used to measure samples. 1.Sample The apart of the population from which we actually collect information and is used to draw conclusions about the whole. 1.Sampling Frame The mechanism and process which generates the actual sample. Quite often it is a list of telephone numbers. 1.Variable Any characteristic of an individual, and can take different for different individuals. 1.What do you think about the definition of “Race” as given by the Census Bureau on p. 5 in your Text.? I don’t agree with it because the way it narrows each race down makes it easy for miscounts and mistakes. I believe they just put the broad name of each race, like white, asian, hispanic, and black.
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 2 Samples Good and Bad 1.Write down exactly what constitutes a a. Simple Random Sample (SRS) Any amount of individuals from a population chosen in such a way that every set of any amount of individuals has an equal chance to be the sample that is actually selected. a. A Convenience sample The selection of which ever individuals is easiest to reach. • Often biased a. A Voluntary sample Chooses itself by responding to a general appeal. • Often biased 1.Write down what you think constitutes a random sequence of twenty ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ It is deliberate use of chance, thus avoiding bias due to personal choice. 1.What does it mean to say a sample is ‘biased’? If the design of the statistical study systematically favors certain outcomes. 1.Give an example of a bad sampling method to be avoided. A voluntary response sample...
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workbook Week 1 - Chapter 2 Samples Good and Bad 1.Write...

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