workbook Week 2 - Who carried out the survey What was the...

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Week 2 Chapter 3 - What does the sample say? Write out definitions for the following concepts 1. Sample statistic A number that describes the sample. 1. Population parameter A number that describes the population. 1. Make a statement about the influence of the sample size to reduce the variability. Larger random samples have less variability than smaller samples. 1. A large sample size does not necessarily guarantee a valid conclusion about the population. Why? (see Text second paragraph on (p. 47) Large voluntary response samples or convenience samples can be worthless because of the abbundant amount of bias. 1. Write down the formula for the Margin of Error as given in Lecture—(this formula should replace the one in your book on( p. 42) Chapter 4 All kinds of Errors can occur 1. Write down the key word or phrase for each of the Questions on p. 70 which should be asked before you believe a poll.
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Unformatted text preview: Who carried out the survey What was the population How was the sample selected How large was the sample What was the response rate How were the subjects contacted When was the survey conducted What were the exact questions asked 1. Write down a clear statement describing the difference between sampling and non sampling errors Sampling errors are caused by the act of taking a sample. They cause sample results to be different from the results of a census. Non sampling errors are not related to the act of selecting a sample from the population. They can be present even in a census. 1. Some examples of Sampling errors are: Random sampling error Under coverage Bad sampling methods 1. Some Non-sampling errors are: Processing errors Response errors Non response...
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workbook Week 2 - Who carried out the survey What was the...

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