Spectrum - N = 1 is ground state (lowest energy level N 1...

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Wein's Law Tells the wavelength at which most of the energy of a blackbody at a given temperature is being radiated (i.e. it tells you the peak wavelength of the Planck curve at that temperature). Stefan - Boltzmann Law Tells you the total energy radiated Hydrogen Atom Nucleus - Protons + , Neutrons (no charge), and Electrons -, orbit the nucleus. 1913 - Danish Physicist Niels Bohr developed a model for the hydrogen atom. Orbits are "quantized"
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Unformatted text preview: N = 1 is ground state (lowest energy level N 1 is an excited state N = is Ionization (electron no longer bound) Electrons only stay in an excited state for about 0.00000001 sec, then they jump back to a lower orbit. 3 types of spectrum 2. Continuous- has all wavelengths present. Produced by a hot solid or hot dense gas 3. Emission Line- produced by hot low density gas 4. Absorption Line- produced by cool gas...
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